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Helping clients capture their special events Memento Images is a company known for its photography services all over Melbourne and other parts of Australia. We not only have the best wedding photography packages to offer, but also the skills, experience and the technology needed to cover all your special events. We can cover your event exactly the way you want us to, contact us before your dates get booked.

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Thousands of photographers offering different wedding photography in Melbourne packages have got clients confused, they are not sure whom to select to shoot their special event. It is generally a comparison of price against quality that will be delivered. While there are photographers who charge a few hundred dollars for some hours there are even photographers charging thousands of dollars to cover the entire event. To help people solve their dilemma, Memento Images has made an attempt to help clients with a list of details to check before making the final choice.

Here the company also points to the fact that different people have different choices so far as this aspect of their wedding is concerned. While many prefer to hire a single studio for all their photography needs including engagement photography and pre wedding photography, many prefer to hire separate professionals for each separate event. Hence to begin with it is important for them to know how they wish to hire professionals for the day suggests Memento Images, as hiring them separately for each event is obviously going to cost more as compared to hiring a single person for the job.

Whomsoever is hired for the job, next Memento Images highlights in bold that people should check the details of the wedding photography in Melbourne package carefully to make sure it includes all services they expect to receive. Here are few pointers from the company itself:


  • Engagement photography or pre wedding photography ensure complete coverage, an online album.
  • Though most of the photographers offer unlimited images, many limit the number of copies check this
  • Check printing rights, clients generally have all the rights to the images.


Besides these three there are many more things according to Memento Images that one should check before hiring wedding, engagement and pre wedding photography in Melbourne services.

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